Dwisis is a unique product made from a specially formulated ingredients which make it superior to market competitors. They are wall & ceiling panels which can be used in a seamless interlocking system ensuring a clean and sleek look. They are easy to install and can be installed practically any contractor. No specially trained team is required. Along with that, the wall and ceiling panels are also rust & rot free, truly a fit & forget product. They are also anti bacterial in nature. Charcoal panels with a system of decorative elemenys that create a durable and lovely finish.

Here’s how your space looks exceptionally beautiful with…

The product is fully weatherproof and does not require any maintenance or painting. It’s color fastness confirmed by laboratory testing and ageing tests. It ensures long lasting pleasure of your home, office, hospital’s beautiful finish, saves money & time.

We manufacture smooth and nickle joint panels to fit the exact taste of the builder or owner. So, no matter the architectural design & style idea, this system can provide a secure and beautiful finishing touch.

Why DWISIS charcoal louvers?

Cost effective
Maintenance free
Bug & Insect free
No Formaldyhyde
Environment Friendly
Thickness 12mm
High grade PVC
Fire retardent
Seamless Once installed
Unique Interlocking
Replicates Real Wood
Easy To Install