We check quality of our products on following parameters:

  • Weather stability
  • Mechanical strength
  • Impact resistance
  • Durability
  • Thermal insulation

The product is completely waterproof and fully washable. Therefore, maintenance is very simple. All you need to do is clean with a damp cloth and your wall & ceiling panel is as good as new. Naturally,DWISIS panels keep it’s original colours, even without intensive maintenance.


An exceptional and impeccable feature of our product is perforated panels. This flawless arrangement within the ceiling and wall panels adds an extra comfort for your space. Because, the perforations or small porous area within the panels enables a free air flow. As a result, a transfer happens from one area to other. Such a provision avoids any heat accumulation on the area above. This allows for regular ventilation to the room. And thus, it leads to lesser AC consumption over a period of time. So, it ensures substantial cost saving for you!


Transport and store in the manufacturer’s original packaging. Store on flat surfaces. To avoid deformation, do not exceed 4 layers per stack.